“We were associated with Varda Ventures as a part of our business diversification - for the development of a food factory. The immaculate professional know-how provided by Varda Ventures in every aspect including initiation, development, equipment selection, production etc. helped us in successfully establishing our new venture - Maa Fresh Automatic Bakery LLC in the United Arab Emirates. We wish to continue our association with Varda Ventures and seek their professional assistance in many more projects planned.”


CEO & Managing Director

Orient Oil, Maa Fresh

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"Varda Ventures, represented by Mr. Arungopal Menon, is one of the finest Hotelier Professional I have encountered during my professional engagement for our Hotel Apartments Group in UAE. We found the expertise of Mr. Arungopal Menon of immense use and the input given by his team has contributed in enhancing the services to our guest. Mr. Arungopal Menon's insight and strategies adopted to our business were very apt and his sharp ideas had resulted in savings in cost and enhancement of revenue. On behalf of Royal Furniture Group and Tulip Inn Hotel Apartments, i wish him all success for his endeavour and services."



Royal Furniture Grp, Tulip Inn Hotel Apartments

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"We are an international company, that has recently started its operations in Dubai, UAE. Varda Ventures offered unparalleled support in approaching Dubai market by providing accurate information and details concerning the market. Our greatest appreciation towards Varda Ventures is for their reliability, who can be trusted with and can be depended upon. Reliability, technical precision and patience offered Varda Ventures makes us feel comfortable and we consider them as one of our eminent partners in business." 


CEO, Shaheen Coffee

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"Varda Ventures, with Ace Specialty Management, has greatly simplifies fundamentals of Hospitality training and has provided the platform to our managers in order to gauge volume of knowledge pertaining to executive management. The strategies, techniques and learning shared was inspiring and accommodating in a thoughtful way. The presentation was crisp and well designed as per the target audience. We look forward to a healthy relationship with Varda Ventures to create more such lasting effects."



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